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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the discipline that aims to position a website in the first rankings of search engines – mainly Google in the Western world, Baidu in China and Yandex in Russia.

Net surfers are nowadays looking for products and related informations (for example, an ecommerce selling perfumes has to be found by people looking for “Chanel nr. 5”, “Chanel perfume”, “perfumes ecommerce”, … + these same keywords in other languages, if our website is mulitlingual and we sell abroad).

Having a website which is not SEO optimized is the same as not having it, as potential clients would not find its content!

SEO is composed by:

Onsite SEO

Coding, text and images editing with the aim to make them search engines friendly (basic conditions to be found).

Local SEO

Activities that are useful to make local businesses and shops visibile to potential clients – and their Maps on smartphones.

Offpage SEO

Also called link building: Google considers well websites receiving links from others… Because of old black hat practices, nowadays the engine appreciates only links coming from websites, focused on the same topic as the landing page, well trusted.

SEM services

Google Ads

Ads that are hosted in the paid part of the search engine results pages and in other partner websites, eventually reatergeting people who already visited a website

Google Shopping

For ecommerce websites willing to showcase their products in the dedicated section of the search engine

Google Grants

A great occasion for associations and NGOs: Google is offering 10,000 USD per month, that can be spent in Search campaigns!

Google AdWords Express

Exclusively for local businesses

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