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Digital strategy is, accoding to Ninja Marketing, “a complex of tactics, technical actions, tools that are used in digital marketing, making the best choices to reach the company goals”.

Any company, professional, association in any industry can take advantages from the web channel, if it is correctly used.

When a company faces this marketing channel, defining the strategy should be the first step.

Having a website, social media accounts, do PR, … without a strategy may lead to disappointing results and the preception of the Internet to be unuseful for business purposes apart visibility.

This is not true and we love to demonstrate it creating marketing plans (not only digital plans), providing digital consulting or training people and companies in the field of digital strategy.

We are in charge of DIGITAL MARKETING STRATEGY AND TRAINING, among the others, for…

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Studio TICHE is an Italian consulting firm, focused on startups and digitalization. We help Companies, Non profit entities and Professionals to win the Internet!

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