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Why do I need a web­si­te? Why should my logo be “beau­ti­ful”, on a gra­phic point of view? Are brand gui­de­li­nes use­ful? 

We some­ti­mes hear the­se que­stion from com­pa­nies that are “skep­ti­cal” con­cer­ning mar­ke­ting in gene­ral (for exam­ple, small B2B/industrial com­pa­ny, or local busi­nes­ses who­se client base grew thanks to word of mouth). 

The Ita­lian pro­verb “the eye wan­ts his part” sounds good, when we talk about logo and brand iden­ti­ty: a well desi­gned ima­gemakes us top of mind for clien­ts

Web­si­tes are instead often disre­ga­red, as com­pa­nies think to get enu­gh visi­bi­li­ty throu­gh Face­book and Insta­gram… 

Social media chan­nels are of cour­se impor­tant but a web­si­te – with an ecom­mer­ce plat­form or a sta­tic one – are the cen­ter of any mar­ke­ting fun­nel

It is an essen­tial invest­ment, being the “pla­ce” whe­re the (poten­tial) client con­verts: he buys pro­duc­ts, asks for a quo­te, books a ser­vi­ce, … 

Moreo­ver, the web­si­te is the only enti­ty owned by anyo­ne wil­ling to be visi­bi­le onli­ne – Face­book con­tent is instead a pro­per­ty of Face­book Inc. etc. 

It may hap­pen for exam­ple that the Insta­gram account of a Pro­fes­sio­nal in any field rela­ted to life­sty­le (a chef, a per­so­nal trai­ner, …) gets clo­sed or hac­ked. What would hap­pen to all his visi­bi­li­ty? 

Social media chan­nels are not enou­gh and are never 100% “safe”, so a web­si­te is a fun­da­men­tal invest­ment.

We are in char­ge of WEB (and) DESIGN,
among the others, for…

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Stu­dio TICHE is an Ita­lian con­sul­ting firm, focu­sed on star­tups and digi­ta­li­za­tion. We help Com­pa­nies, Non pro­fit enti­ties and Pro­fes­sio­nals to win the Inter­net!


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iubenda Certified Bronze Partner


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