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Why do I need a website? Why should my logo be “beautiful”, on a graphic point of view? Are brand guidelines useful? 

We sometimes hear these question from companies that are “skeptical” concerning marketing in general (for example, small B2B/industrial company, or local businesses whose client base grew thanks to word of mouth). 

The Italian proverb “the eye wants his part” sounds good, when we talk about logo and brand identity: a well designed imagemakes us top of mind for clients

Websites are instead often disregared, as companies think to get enugh visibility through Facebook and Instagram… 

Social media channels are of course important but a website – with an ecommerce platform or a static one – are the center of any marketing funnel

It is an essential investment, being the “place” where the (potential) client converts: he buys products, asks for a quote, books a service, … 

Moreover, the website is the only entity owned by anyone willing to be visibile online – Facebook content is instead a property of Facebook Inc. etc. 

It may happen for example that the Instagram account of a Professional in any field related to lifestyle (a chef, a personal trainer, …) gets closed or hacked. What would happen to all his visibility? 

Social media channels are not enough and are never 100% “safe”, so a website is a fundamental investment.

We are in charge of WEB (and) DESIGN,
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