Deny Car­go bvba is a freight for­war­der and pro­vi­der of logi­stics and tax ser­vi­ces at Bru­xel­les airi­port – Bru­Car­go. The com­pa­ny is part of glo­bal net­works such as PPL, WCA, WWPC World and TRA –Tax Repre­sen­ti­ve Allian­ce, who­se Pre­si­den­ti s the Deny Car­go CEO, Mr. Gré­go­ry Moort­gat.


Period: July 2018 – nowa­days.



  1. Relea­se of the tri­lin­gual web­si­te, in English, French and Fle­mish, with trans­la­tions pro­vi­ded by our part­ner Lan­gua­ge Lab
  2. Tri­lin­gual SEO onsi­te opti­mi­za­tion, for French, English and Fle­mish
  3. Inte­gra­tion with AS400, ena­bling onli­ne trac­king of customs
  4. Web desi­gn sup­port, inclu­ding chan­ges and perio­dic upda­tes of the Word­Press web­si­te.


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iubenda Certified Bronze Partner

iubenda Certified Bronze Partner


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